CotW blog: A career path at SEB

My name is Julius Rapeli, I am a 27 year-old Hanken alumni currently working as an equity analyst at SEBs equity research department, located in the always sunny Stockholm. I did my Master’s degree at Hanken, majoring in finance, and already during my studies grew an interest in equity markets and investments.

During my final year of studies, I luckily noticed a job announcement from SEB that advertised their international trainee program and a traineeship position within their equity research department. This felt like a perfect opportunity to get to know different areas of banking business in Finland as well as abroad, and to gain some real life experience of what it is to work with equities, so it was a no-brainer to apply, and I’m very happy I did.

The trainee year is definitely something I can warmly recommend to anyone regardless of their field of study or previous work experience. I gained a solid foundation of understanding how different parts of a banking organization work while, most importantly, made some great friends along the way! On top of that, I was provided with the opportunity to pursue an international career early on, something that SEB encourages its employees to consider.

At the moment of writing this blogpost, I have worked at SEB a bit more than two years. I spent my first year as a trainee based in Helsinki, and after graduating I transferred to our headquarters in Stockholm, to work as an equity analyst. Early on after moving to Stockholm, I got the chance to take independent responsibility of own dedicated companies and projects, of course with needed support from experienced colleagues. After one year and counting here in Stockholm, I now cover a handful of own companies and have the opportunity to gradually take on more responsibility to develop myself further to become an expert in my area of work.

Reflecting back my experiences at SEB even during this short period of time, it seems no wonder that the bank has remained successful in the Nordic markets for more than 160 years. As a part of my work I see how the organization thrives to deliver world-class service to our customers, a promise that builds on years of hard work to establish our customers’ trust. And this brings me to perhaps one of the best parts of working at SEB – the bank values long-lasting relationships, which also means that it is willing to invest in its employees in order for them to prosper in continuing the heritage of the bank, giving endless opportunities to develop in both professional and personal level.


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