Exceptional times – Why do I feel so good?

Blog post written by PWC.

Exceptional circumstances. This is a word that I and probably you hear almost every day nowadays and it is a fact. Every month the CEO asks us to give our “feeling of the month”. It is a scale from 1-10 with 1 being the worst feeling and 10 being the best feeling, and you can leave a free anonymous comment. To be completely honest, I have not given a single 10 during my time at PwC. Perhaps because of the ingrained auditors’ skepticism or just the belief that something can always be better. This month however, against all odds, I instantly wanted to give a 10. I pressed 10 and analyzed why, of all months, I am feeling so great during these exceptional circumstances and scrabbled it down for you to read.

Firstly - I am healthy, and I hope that this finds you well and that you are staying healthy also. Furthermore, nothing has changed work vice besides the fact that we all work from home. I am reading that sentence again and feeling truly grateful for it - the fact that nothing has changed. When I think about how I would describe my work day before and now - there is no change besides the fact that there is no time wasted in commuting to office/client, I can sit in my sweatpants the whole day if I feel like it and the fact that I meet up with colleagues and clients over google hangouts and not in person.

The circumstances of working remotely has great pro’s as well. I get to spend more time with my boyfriend, saving a lot of time due to no commuting and I have eaten much more regularly. It’s easy to get some exercise done before, after or even during the workday on the lunch break and I think all of us have gotten better at having more effective meetings. The main point however, that work is plentiful and the same values and standards for how we do things prevail.

Secondly - The colleagues are one of the best, if not the best, part of working at PwC. I miss my colleagues very much, even though virtual coffee sessions are great, I still can’t wait to be able to hug them when things normalize. The slogan used in internal communication at PwC is “Working together to be #1” (Yhdessä ykköseksi). Again, it has been a bit too cliché for my liking, the emphasis being on the word “has been”. These last month however have gotten me to truly believe it. The top-to-down communication at the firm has been excellent during these times. Clear guidelines, fast react times, enough of information but not too much and enough of possibilities to ask questions and channels to get them answered. It has made me proud of the place I work at and a true feeling of caring.

Also, my initial worries about engagements not being as effective, me personally not being able to learn new things as much as before or not getting support in my daily work when changing to remote work mode has vanished. Everything truly has stayed the same, only gone remote. I as an individual have been able to develop my skills during this month, as any month before but felt that the “working together” part stronger than ever.

So, my feeling is a 10 this month. Partly because this situation has got me thinking about values in all aspects of life and feeling grateful for the simple things. But also because of the things listed above. Our recruiting has slowed down for now since nobody knows how and for how long the circumstances will continue. However, my message to you is that nothing has changed, meaning that at least at my line of work (auditing), we will need new recruits at some point. We truly want to believe that the situation normalizes at some point.

We want to give some advice for you in the meantime on how you can make sure that you are ready at that point:

  • It is a great time to work on your CV and cover letter.

  • Think of things that you are interested in and write them down. Interests in the application are an important part that helps you stand out. We are searching for new colleagues, and those things make us remember you.

  • Prepare for an interview by talking out loud at home

  • Enjoy the free time, make the most out of it - the most being anything between focusing on yourself and relaxing to taking an extra excel course.

  • Lastly but not least, remind yourself of the things that make you grateful in this situation.

So stay calm, sharpen your CV/cover letter and relax. Hopefully we will see you soon!


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