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Be a Hanken & SSE Future Challenger

Hi, it’s Hanken & SSE here!

Looking for experience from real company cases and a network of business contacts?

Hanken & SSE Future Challengers get through Hanken & SSE customer cases introduced to specific real-life company challenges and get the opportunity to consult and analyse the top companies in Finland.

With supervision and coaching on the assignments from the Hanken & SSE team you will strengthen your ability to perform even better.

You can flexibly choose projects you take part in. Typical projects (both individual and group) take maximum 2 days of your time. No long commitments are needed.

The part-time paid internship will take place from October to end of June, ideally you commit to appr. 2 days / week.

Are you one of the insightful, courageous and outspoken young mind we are looking for?

Let let us know your interest to become a Hanken & SSE Future Challenger!

DL for sign up 23.9.2019

Sign up here: https://hsseexed.com/HFC

For more information: jenny.segersven@hankensse.fi, 050 530 8324

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