Hanken&SSE 9-13.9

Uppdaterad: 12 sep 2019

It's time for the Business Committee's first Company of the Week event, and first up is Hanken&SSE! This event will include possibilities for valuable work experience.

Hanken&SSE is the leading Nordic provider of management and leadership development. At the event, their professionals will be providing insight into their work and mission, participants will be have the opportunity to ask questions and breakfast will be served. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about Hanken&SSE and expand your network!

The event is limited to 40 participants so signup fast to guarantee your place: https://forms.gle/B5VhkhmJrbpZPZsM6

During the event Hanken&SSE will recruit students to their candidate pool. These students are able to participate in consulting projects for company executives throughout the year, so stay tuned and join us for a free networking brunch in the Business Lab!

Event is for 2nd year students and up!


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