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Impact through insight – Hanken students challenging companies to see the future in a fresh way!

Hanken & SSE Executive Education, owned by Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education and Hanken School of Economics offers a combination of academic knowledge and research with business experts for the benefit of the customer organisations and their employees through tailored in-house assignments/development projects, multi-company consortiums and open education programs. 

At Hanken & SSE we believe that the knowledge and insights we share turn into impact and we aim to make an impact on many levels - on individuals, teams, companies, society and of course also on our owners. The profit of the Hanken & SSE operations are channeled to Hanken School of Economics and Stockholm School of Economics and their students supporting the research and education of the business leaders of tomorrow.

But we want to make other than only financial impact on our owners. We at Hanken & SSE see an enormous potential in the students of our owner schools. We believe involving students in business life can make a difference in how companies are developing. Studies show that more diverse workforces perform better financially (McKinsey & Company 2015). Through involving business students in our development programs our customers get fresh insights from millennials that can make a huge impact on business.

Through the Hanken & SSE Future Challenger pool Hanken & SSE engages business students in real-life business projects and supports the students to connect within a valuable business network. 

The students will gain experience working closely with many of the leading Finnish companies, strengthen their business network and enhancing future career opportunities. Companies will through this collaboration get fresh ideas from millennials in a structured and facilitated process.

"I have gotten the opportunity to work flexible hours besides my studies and be in close contact with top companies and their leads. I would recommend Hanken & SSE Future Challenger to those who want to gain professional experience during their studies while challenging themselves with interesting cases. Hanken & SSE offers a good visibility into the operations of many companies and an opportunity to strengthen your business network even before you graduate”. Sonja Alkio, Junior Project Manager at Hanken & SSE.

Students see the value in diverse teams and understand the importance of looking at things from different perspectives. The Hanken & SSE Future Challenger groups are often a mix of people with different backgrounds interacting with companies and their business challenges. The students are ready to challenge the companies to see the future in a fresh way.

Let us wish these insightful, courageous and outspoken young minds all the luck on their Challenger journey!

(The sign up for Hanken students is open until 23.9 through this link: https://hsseexed.com/HFC)

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