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Emil Berglund, Sales Manager | Meltwater

MSc in Economics and Business Administration, 2016 HANKEN School of Economics

When and what did you study at Hanken?

I started studying at Vasa Hanken in 2011. My major was entrepreneurship and leadership. I graduated in 2016 with a Master’s Degree.

Have you been active in student activities while studying?

Yes and the involvement in student activities have been some of the best experiences I’ve had while studying. I was a tutor for freshmen as well as master students. I took on the role of Chairman at Hank Gents and the grand annual ball committee. I also worked as a lecturer in marketing and as a member of the board at Svecasa, which is the company that runs preparation courses for entry exams to Business schools in Finland.

What was your work experience like before starting at Meltwater?

I worked at a fintech start-up for 3 years. In the beginning I was part of supporting the launch of a SaaS service, from there I onboarded business customers and got the responsibility of sales and account management. I quickly advanced into the role of a Sales Manager. Before this and while still studying I worked in B2C-sales.

What made you apply to Meltwater?

Having gained experience in a tech startup I understood I still had a lot to learn about B2B-sales and it’s processes. In addition to this I knew I wanted a team around me of young and ambitious people. I looked into Meltwater and they seemed to have both.

Meltwater is also an international company and with our headquarters in San Francisco plus heavy R&D investments year after year, I noted the career prospects at Meltwater for me would be almost endless. The industry of media-intelligence is consistently growing and I am learning new things every day.

What has your career been like at Meltwater?

I started at Meltwater in January 2018 as a Sales & Management Consultant. My responsibility was to run the entire B2B-sales cycle from prospecting, to holding meetings and demos with C-level people, to creating contracts and negotiating business deals. Within 11 months from starting I was promoted to Sales Manager and got responsibility for also 2 team members, their coaching, their success and I took part in recruitment as well.

It’s been an upward trend which has required me to learn a lot of new things and be open-minded but at the same time it’s been very rewarding both personally as well as professionally.

Have your studies at Hanken assisted you in getting employed by Meltwater?

Absolutely. A masters degree from a recognized university will always assist you in your career options. Meltwater recruits highly educated people who are motivated about learning new and developing themselves. Focusing on a specific major is good, though I think many students get too wrapped up in finding a role that perfectly matches their major. I think students should be more open-minded when applying for roles, for example I knew nothing about the Fintech industry before starting at the startup or media-intelligence before starting at Meltwater, but I’ve been successful in both companies and roles.

What’s been the best thing with working for Meltwater?

Number one is the people I work with every day - they’re smart, outgoing, ambitious, energetic and fun! But also the company culture at Meltwater - we promote from within, which enables a great career path and we also have a low hierarchy. The tempo is high but we help each other and find success together. Sales has allowed me to meet small to enterprise companies in Finland and sit down with C-level executives to discuss their business needs. There is not one day that is the same, which excites me and also allows me to learn a lot about business processes, industries and human interaction.

To find out more about Meltwater and working there, feel free to reach out to Emil directly on LinkedIn here: or check out Meltwater’s instagram account @meltwaterfin:



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