Not just any job – a few stories of working at EY

Below, you can find a few stories about what it’s like to work at EY. But first, let’s explain what EY stands for in a few lines and why You should be interested in joining our awesome ranks.

We put a lot of effort into both recruiting the people with the best fit to our company, as well as offering our people access to tools that help them develop in their careers. By doing so, everyone wins: our clients get better service, our employees are more skilled and satisfied, and EY gets to run a better business.

Our recruitment is very active toward different universities because we want to attract the best talent and the coolest people. EY is currently ranked as the second most attractive place to work in globally among business students.

As for our personnel, we have programs set up to make sure everyone keeps their knowledge and skills up to date. EY is a truly global company, with the same tools used globally and a lot of cross-border interaction in different client projects. Thus, working here gives you the chance to create a vast business network; not only in Finland, but around the world.

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Let’s move onto some stories about working at EY. There are a bunch of different services EY offers its customers, which means there are a bunch of different positions in the company. Below, you can find four examples of what some of our trainees actually do in their daily work.

Maija Tunturi, Trainee, Process Excellence

Hi! I am Maija and I joined EY and Process Excellence (PE) team as a trainee in May 2019. We specialize in consulting clients on all kinds of financial processes with an aim to make their processes more efficient. In addition to consulting financial processes (e.g. record-to-report, purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash), our team’s projects may include identifying possibilities for robotization and automation, solving specific financial process related challenges, assessing controls and risks in processes, supporting finance organization changes and other finance operating model changes.

During my first months here, I have gotten to work on proposals, client projects as well as some internal work. By internal work, I mean preparations for seminars that we have organized for clients, creating marketing lists, working with internal strategy development programs etc. Client work has included preparing materials for clients, preparing for client workshops and partaking in them.

Regarding the IT systems and tools, in my work, I have used PowerPoint, Excel and Word with a new addition of Power BI. At EY, we also have many different IT systems, so I would say that having knowledge and experience how to navigate in ERP and CRM systems is a great advantage. Also, understanding IT systems helps when working on client projects.

Since I started at EY, everybody here has been extremely supportive and welcoming. Our PE team is currently 10 people and we are constantly growing. As our team is fairly small there is a lot of team work, you get close with your teammates quickly. I would say that the most important attributes for working at EY and in our team are the abilities to learn and grow and be both self-oriented and detail-oriented. It is also essential to be able to see not just the particulars, but also the whole, bigger picture.

There has been a lot to do and learn already in such a short time. At EY, you also have a chance to steer your focus and learning towards matters that you feel interested in. Once you get familiar with the topics we are working with here, you have the flexibility to choose areas you want to focus on and build your own area of expertise.

Otto Leppänen (left), Max Nyberg (right) Tax Trainee, Global Compliance and Reporting

Our names are Max Nyberg and Otto Leppänen. We are part of the Global Compliance and Reporting team at the Helsinki Office. Within the GCR team, Max is a member of the ACR/BTC team and Otto is working under GS (Global Services).

Max: As a Trainee in the ACR/BTC team, I have been preparing various kinds of annual and monthly reporting for both multinational and local companies. With the help of my team, I have been responsible of preparing Income Tax Returns, Statutory Reports and other reports required by law. I have also assisted with the bookkeeping of several clients.

As a trainee in the GCR team, I have developed my skills and knowledge within accounting policies and compliance. From working closely with international colleagues and clients on intense projects, I have also developed my communication and teamwork skills. To be successful as a trainee, I would highly recommend previous experience in the fields of accounting and taxation as well as a good understanding of financial reporting. Proficiency in English is also important, as you will also have daily contact with cross-border clients.

Otto: Our GS team works in a coordinative role as a central team in various global tax compliance engagements for Finnish companies. Every one of our engagements is unique, like our clients, but in common for all of them is a global working environment – for example our largest engagement covers currently about 90 countries. Our GS team has obviously a very strong role between our clients and EY internal teams around the world to keep the engagements moving forward.

It has been very exciting to be a part of our top consultant team. My trainee period at EY has been important for me as my first step in the consulting world and also strengthening key skills. Working in the GS team requires many essential working skills: organizing skills, prioritizing skills, delegating, working in a team… MS Office should already be a familiar environment to succeed in the work. Having bookkeeping and/or taxation related experience beforehand helps but is not obligatory. Working proficiency in English is a must as all the communication is in English.

Sanni Nevala, Legal Trainee, Law

I have been working as Ernst & Young’s legal trainee since October 2018 and I have been part of multiple interesting engagements during my traineeship. EY Law function operates widely in different areas of business law, mainly focusing on transactions, corporate and restructurings and employment law. Besides working with my Finnish colleagues on the domestic level, what I find especially interesting is that at EY I have been able to participate in international engagements and work with my fellow EY colleagues from all over the globe.

As EY’s legal trainee, I have become an equal member of our law team and I have been assigned with similar assignments as our newly graduated lawyers. My assignments have comprised of, for example, research and review tasks, drafting and commenting of legal documentation, translations and assisting EY’s other service lines when they have been in need of our team’s legal expertise. Every day is different – I could be working with establishing a company abroad or assisting our lawyers in a due diligence process.

In my view, EY aims to provide its trainees a full experience of the lifecycle of each engagement and, therefore, you’ll be able to learn a lot during your time at EY. I have also been encouraged to express my own areas of interest I wish to work with.

To succeed as EY’s legal trainee, I have found it extremely important to have an open and proactive spirit towards new challenges and enthusiasm over business law. Other skills I have found useful are good knowledge of English language and strong interpersonal skills. But most importantly, a right, hands-on attitude will get you far!


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